Dental Implants Abroad
The best way to replace missing teeth!

Dental tourism involves the patient visiting a foreign country to receive dental implants or other types of dental care. Usually by going for dental implants abroad you can save up to 70% than UK. In past years it has became increasingly easy to find dental clinics which can offer quality dental treatment abroad. At the beginning of 2010, a study showed that trips for dental treatment overseas were becoming increasingly popular in UK.

A dental holiday in Bulgaria is something many UK patients choose due to very hight private healthcare fees in UK and the time they have to wait for NHS treatment. Dental implants overseas gives you the option to enjoy top class medical care without the UK expense.

To complete your dental implants treatment abroad usually 2 visits are needed:

  1. During the first one, implant surgery will be done. It takes about 1-3 hours depending of number teeth treated. It is reccomended to stay overnigh so you can rest.
  2. During the second visit after 6 months the crowns and bridges will be put on top of the implants.

If you go abroad for full jaw or mouth dental implants restoration you will need only one visit for 5 business days. After that you will have 14 or 28 new beautifull teeth with zirconia metal free crowns.

Dental Implants Bulgaria
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